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Our aim is to provide a variety of sessions that are suitable for your goals, fitness levels and availability, see below for what activities we are currently providing on campus.

Please note that for classes located inside site (Yoga, HIIT & Gym) are only available to residents, HOST staff, and HPC contractors.

Classes taking place on the outside pitches or courts and on the SPIN BUS are available to all including the local community

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A whole-body workout mixing resistance and cardio exercises.  Designed to improve stamina, muscular endurance and a fantastic calorie burning opportunity.



An awesome whole-body workout combining body weight, resistance and functional training equipment to help shed body fat, improve strength and get fit fast.

Ready to Run


If you're time poor then these 25 minute workouts are perfect for you.


HIIT (high intensity interval training) incorporates short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods.


This is a brilliant way of getting fit quick!

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A mobile spin studio on a bus.  We’re delighted to offer the opportunity of the SPIN BUS on the campus.


With disco lighting and the latest tunes, this indoor cycling workout is guaranteed to get you buzzing!

Lotus Pose


Our yoga sessions give an excellent blend of stretching, mindfulness and core strength.


You’re guaranteed to feel more flexible, stronger, focused and chilled.



Get those abs toned up with a short session designed to safely & effectively challenge your whole core area including your stomach & back.


You will have a firmer & stronger midsection in no time.

astro 1.jpg


An organised 5-a-side session with qualified referee.


Simply come along to pay & play - a great way to meet people on campus.

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